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      Cognizant Intelligent Mortgage Advisor

      Cognizant Intelligent Mortgage Advisor

      Cognizant Intelligent Mortgage Advisor (CIMA) provides the digital CX that feels natural to prospective homebuyers.

      Launch a cognitive assistant for homebuyers.

      Our Cognizant Intelligent Mortgage Advisor (CIMA) offers customized research and loan recommendations. It gathers information to start the mortgage application process and helps answer customers’ questions. CIMA also provides updates on application status. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, AWS machine learning and a range of APIs. A 2018 report from HFS named CIMA one of the best examples of conversational AI.
      CIMA key offerings enable a digital CX that feels natural to prospective homebuyers and delivers important advantages for lenders:
      • Mortgage origination processes to reduce back office workload
      • Ongoing management to continuously improve CIMA’s cognition and recommendations
      Learn more about what our Lending practice can do for your organization.


      Ashish Shreni

      Lending Practice Leader, Cognizant Consulting

      Sandeep Singh

      Practice Leader, Lending